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About us

The craft shop “Metalocozmetika” officially starts working in 1994, which, after decades of experience in metal protection with nitric colors, switches to an innovative method of protection by electrostatic plasticization. From the very beginning, we become famous because we are among the first to start using new technologies.
Over time, the work space is expanding in proportion to the increase in workload, which implies better quality of service and customer satisfaction. Parallel to regular activities, new programs are being developed.
Soon, we are becoming one of the leading manufacturers of school furniture in our country. We have developed capacities to fully equip school, preschool and other educational institutions with products of our assortment. Recognized as reliable partners, we have expanded the market to all countries in the region as well as some of the EU Member States, above all Germany.
Continuous development, development and modernization enable us to expand our production activities to other branches that include metal processing and wood processing.
Now in our assortment you can find various serial and custom-made products and machines for interior and exterior furnishing.

Implementation of EU business quality standards Z.R. “Metallurgy” can handle the most stringent world demands and wishes of customers. Thus, the production program is in fact unlimited and based on mutual agreement.

Check our capabilities through your requirements …